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Skating treadmill

Variable interval length and intensity allow for the full spectrum of skating development. From stride development in younger skaters to shift endurance in advance skaters, while also reinforcing consistence stride habits.



Power is generated by the force of the extending leg. Extension should be complete and the load or weight on the edge should transfer from whole foot to the toe while retaining consistent edge pressure throughout.


Known as knee drive or glide is what transfers your extending legs power in a forward direction. To maintain the greatest amount of energy transfer or speed the recovery skate should be directly under the knee and chest in a straight forward position.

           Skating position


Determines the length potential of the extending leg. Your skating position should establish a 90 degree angle in the front knee. This position should be maintained throughout full range of your stride. Your upper body should be quiet or stable throughout the skate. Arm drive is responsible for your rhythm, stride length, pace, and intensity. Your arm should swing in a forward and backward fashion.



1 Session


5 Sessions


10 Sessions


15 Sessions


Skating + dryland combo packages available upon request!

HST included

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